A Guide to Packing and Casual Reign Packers

Packing is a word that is often thrown around the FTM (female-to-male) transgender community. So, chances are, you’ve probably heard of it, but what exactly is packing and what is it used for? These are the questions we’ll be answering for you, in this short blog post. We’ll also be talking a little bit about our own, Casual Reign Essential Packers and how they might be able to benefit you.

What Is Packing?

Packing is when a person places a “packer” inside their underwear, to create the look of a bulge from the outside. In essence, the packer is intended to emulate the appearance of a penis, inside the person’s underwear. More expensive packers can even emulate the feel and certain functions of a penis, too.

How Can I Pack?

At Casual Reign, we have made packing easier than ever. Our boxers have a hidden, button-secured pocket on the inside, which is completely undetectable from the outside.

Our pocket allows you to place our Casual Reign Packer inside, without fear of it falling down your leg, or rubbing against your skin and causing irritation. The button also ensures that our packer is secure and doesn’t move around too much.

What Is a Packer?

A packer can be pretty much anything that emulates the appearance of a penis from the outside, when placed inside a person’s underwear.

Some people keep it simple and use socks. Others opt for the more expensive packers, which might look, feel and have added functions, such as a urination cup, so the wearer is able to stand and urinate. 

There are a myriad of different packers on the market and here at Casual Reign, we are extremely keen to start stocking them, to ensure there is more accessibility in the UK. In the meantime, however, we have created our own, cotton packers at an affordable price, to help ease dysphoria in the best way that we can.

Casual Reign Packers

With your gender euphoria in mind and after meticulous experimentation, we realised that manufacturing our packers into the general shape of the main body of a penis, created the most secure and realistic bulge.

Casual Reign Packers are crafted to fit inside the discreet, inside pocket of our packing underwear. They have been specially designed to create a smaller, more realistic bulge than other, larger packers on the market.

If you prefer a larger, more conspicuous bulge, then you have the option to double up on Casual Reign Packers, with our discounted bundle.

For more information on our Casual Reign packing underwear and packers, please click here.

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